Week 1 For Rising 8th Grade Girls



Each Project ENGAGE program week focuses on a theme, which demonstrates how engineering contributes to positive societal changes. The theme for our rising 8th grade girls is “Sustainability and Alternative Energy”. The girls will learn about how engineers are working on renewable energy generation from resources such as the sun, wind and water and how such energy production produces less green house gases than traditional burning of fossil fuels.    Participants will study efforts made by the City of Syracuse to minimize the amount of storm water that enters its Sewage Treatment Plants and how important this effort is as our weather patterns become more unpredictable and significant storms events become more prevalent. The girls will also be exposed to ways that they can live more sustainably when they return home. The activities, lessons, laboratories and field trips during the week feed into the participants’ final team project. Participants will live on campus and eat at the dining hall with peers who are also interested in math, science and with making a positive impact on our planet.